Pets - Relocation, Boarding, Grooming

Pet Boarding

Rainbow Farm

Rainbow Farm takes dogs and cats from 6 months and older.  Bookings can be made up to 4 months in advance.  Pets taking medication are welcome.  They have longer term boarding as well as service for short trips.  Grooming is also possible at the Rainbow Farm.  Harzofen 9, 66849 Landstuhl.  Tel: 06371 91 4619 or 01590 180 6004.  Email: Boarding

Delorme-Goldberg Tierarztpraxen / Vet Clinics

This vet clinic offers boarding for both cats and dogs.  They are located in Landstuhl and just a few miles from Ramstein Air Base.  They are able to care for both dogs and cats requiring medication, injections or medical supervision. Daimlerstr. 7, 66849 Landstuhl   Tel: 06371  914 314 Email:

K-9 Boarding Sembach

This kennel is owned and operated by dog training professionals with over 20 years experience.  The kennels measure 8-9 square meters with wooden floors and dog houses which are totally covered.  The dogs can run in a large fenced meadow, twice per day, and will their own kennel and run.  6 Junkderstr. , 67680 Sembach Tel: 06302 609 00 45 Email:  

The Farm Kennel

The Kennel has been in business for more than 30 years, is one of the oldest and largest in the area.  They offer a large outdoor enclosure where the dogs can play together.  There is also individual areas if your dog does not enjoy being with others, or they can walk them on a leash. Bahnhofstrasse 80, 66892 Bruchmuhlbach-Miesau Tel: 06372 8070 Email:

Berghof Tierpension

This kennel is located about 15 minutes from RAB.   They have over 10 years experience working with animals, offer short or long term boarding for all sizes of dogs and cats, and all animals are given individual attention and care.  Country Rd L-469, 66851 Mittlebrunn Tel: 06371 46 8472

Hundezentrum Westpfalz

The kennel offers boarding for the day, night, or several weeks. Your dog lives together with other dogs and gets to daily play on our grounds.  Industriestrasse 34, 66862 Kindsbach. Tel: 06371 404 60 or 0176 650 923 70.  Email:

Spangdahlem Saber Pet Lodge

This boarding facility is located on Spangdahlem AFB, so you must have base access.  Saber pet lodge provides a variety of services such as grooming, pet taxi and day care and extended care.  Spangdahlem AFB Bldg 440. Tel: 06565 61 5004. Email:

Pet Bathing & Grooming

Benny's Doggy Depot

Benny's offers services such as bathing and drying, nail trimming, removing undercoat, ear care, coat trimming, hair dyeing and more.  They have two locations in the area, on Ramstein AFB and in Landstuhl.  Benny's Ramstein Air Base Bldg 2176, 66877 Ramstein. Email: Ph: 06371 466 8150 or 0176 328 43439  Benny's Landstuhl Bahnstr. 3, 66849 Landstuhl.  Ph: 06371 952 1161 or 0176 832 75826 Email:

Pretty Dog

They offer complete grooming services and have been in business since 2004.  They provide combing, brushing, nail care, hair cutting, ear care, tick removal and more. Landstuhler Str. 61, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach. Tel: 0171 177 4126 Email:

Hunde Spa

Hunde Spa/Dog Spa offers full grooming services.  Hauptstr. 38, 66919 Hermersberg. Tel: 06333 602 1260

Paula's Hundsalon

Paula's Hundsalon takes great care in ensuring that your pet will have a happy and stress free grooming experience.  They offer bathing, brush and style, nail clipping, flea shampoo, ear cleaning and more. Industriestr. 30, 66862 Kindsbach Tel: 0176 676 52760

Farm Kennel

The Farm Kennel offers bathing and grooming.  Bahnhofstrasse 80, 66892 Bruchmuhlbach-Miesau Tel: 06372 8070 Email:

Berghof Kennel

Berghof Kennel offers bathing. Country Rd L-469, 66851 Mittlebrunn Tel: 06371 46 8472

Spangdahlem Saber Pet Lodge

They offer a boarding bath, de-shedding bath, and brush outs.  They also have full service grooming.  Spangdahlem AFB Bldg 440. Tel: 06565 61 5004. Email:

Hundezentrum Westpfalz

Hundsalon Wuf Wuf by Julia offers grooming services.   Industriestrasse 34, 66862 Kindsbach. Tel: 0174 361 0164 .  Email:

Delorme-Goldberg Tierarztpraxen/Vet Clinics

The practice is glad to offer you and your pet a professional bath with medicated or non medicated shampoo, nails trimming, ears cleaning, anal sacs expressions etc. in our facilities in Landstuhl done by our technicians. When needed a veterinarian will follow the procedure. We do offer this service for dogs and for cats as well. For the later anesthesia can be provided when needed. Appointments can be scheduled directly at the front desk. Delorme-Goldberg Tierarztpraxen / Vet Clinics - Landstuhl Tel: 06371 / 914 314 - | Kaiserslautern Tel: 0631 / 366 00 530 -

Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

Founded in 2004 and based in Austin, TX, PetRelocation provides safe, door-to-door pet transport services around the world. 1121 E. 7th St Austin, TX 78702 Tel: +1.512.362.6100

Air Vets

AirVets specializes in transporting pets across the country or around the world. When you are moving to a new place you don’t need the stress of making sure your pets get there safely. Requirements to move an animal into another country can require meeting a lot of regulations, specific tests and vaccinations, and very specific forms completed accurately. Let us help you by assuring that this process is done right and done efficiently.  2561 Valley View Ln Dallas, Texas 75234 Tel: 972 591-1342

Pet Air Carrier

Pet Air Carrier, LLC provides door-to-door pet shipping and air travel services for dogs, cats and other animals. We specialize in International pet transportation and ship to over 85 countries. Our pet travel service includes airline reservations, shipping permits and documentation required for animal shipment to foreign countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore & South Africa. This company offers a military discount.  Tel: 770-645-1837 Email:

Petsafe with United

PetSafe® is our specially designed program for transporting animals that are not eligible to travel in the aircraft cabin. PetSafe offers airport-to-airport travel for animals traveling to nearly 300 destinations, and members of our PetSafe team are trained professionals who love animals and are dedicated to ensuring that all pets receive the best care throughout their entire journey. 1-800-575-3335

Pet Express

Since 1978, Pet-Express has been trusted by families to safely relocate their pets throughout the USA and all over the world. With a huge network of expert handling Agents throughout the USA and overseas, Pet-Express can care for your furry kids throughout the world. 100 North Hill Drive, Suite 17 Brisbane, CA 94005 Tel: 866-738-6683  Email:

Jet a Pet

Jet-A-Pet is in tune to your concerns and worries when it comes to relocating your pets but, rest assured we'll be there for you every step of the way. We will answer any questions you may have or just simply ease your mind. Relocating pets is our business and our purpose is to provide the best possible service. Here at Jet-A-Pet our main objective is to ensure your pet's relocation is smooth and hiccup free! 6 Pines Rd Westport CT, 06880. Tel: 203-227-7452. Email: