Emergency Veterinary Offices

Birkenfeld Veterinary Hospital (33 Minutes from RAB) 

Top Recommend from KMC Groups

Address: Am Schönenwald, 55765 Birkenfeld. 24/24 h service for emergencies please call: 0160 7 11 44 40 Clinic Phone: +49 (0)67 82 10 90 90 E-Mail: info@t-klinik.de 

Andres De Lima (5 Minutes from RAB)

Dr. De Lima's specialty is orthopedics and is a very accomplished surgeon. The clinic will see all kinds of animals, take VAT forms, speak English and have emergency on-call service. Ph: 06371 91 88440. The clinic is open M-F 0800-1200 and 1500-1900, Saturday from 0900-1300.  Emergency Tel: 0176 74 599935.  Auf der Pick 2b, 66849 Landstuhl

Tierklinik Zweibrucken (28 Minutes from RAB)

This veterinary clinic with a large staff has a 24 emergency service available.  Treats dogs, cats and birds.  Speckgarten 12, 66482 Zweibrucken.  Tel: 6332-48180.  www.tierklinik-zw.de

Veterinarian Ingmar Meth (16 Minutes from RAB)

In urgent emergencies, you can reach the office through the emergency phone number: 174-987-8351.  Email is info@tierarzt-meth.de  Address: Kaiserslauterer Strasse 169a, 66424 Homburg. www.tierarzt-meth.de.  

Tierklinik Elversberg (27 Minutes from RAB)

The Tierklinik Elversberg is an accident and emergency practice -  available around the clock. Animal Hospital Elversberg Hüttenstraße 20,  66583 Spiesen-Elversberg. Tel: 06821/17 94 94 Email: mail@tierklinik-elversberg.de. www.tierklinik-elversberg.de