Terrapin Nature Park

Terrapin Nature Park

This park is 276 acres of nature trails, meadows, wetlands, woodlands, tidal ponds and beach. When you arrive, there is a small parking lot, located inside of an office park. From there, you will see a map of the park and a sign indicating the starting point. If you’d like to visit the beach, follow the sign for Terrapin Nature Park. There will be about a 10 minute walk to beach access. The trail is paved in gravel and stroller friendly.


There are a couple of different routes and options for the day, depending on the age of the children and time available for your visit. If you have an hour, I would suggest the “A” trail with a stop at the beach. There is a nice gazebo and several trails that will lead you to the water. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the Bay Bridge from all of the beach areas. If you have a bit more time, you can explore the “B” trail, which connects from the “A” trail. There are some sandy passages on this trail, which can be difficult for stroller navigation. This is a longer walk, and best for kids 5 and older. There may be a LOT of bugs along this route, so bring your bug spray! Route “C” also connects to these trails and will provide a longer added loop if you have more time.


We really enjoyed the walk through the nature park and observing the wildlife and local flora and fauna. We didn’t bring our swim suits, but instead skipped rocks in the Bay, wadded in to our knees and enjoyed the spectacular view of the Bay Bridge. The beach wasn’t crowded, with only a few families and individuals scattered throughout.


Details: The beach has several portable toilets located throughout the “A” trail and also at the trailhead. Bring sanitizer, as there are no sinks for hand washing. There are no refreshment services, so be sure to bring your own snacks and drinks. There are plenty of garbage cans, so no need to worry about packing garbage out. Parking and entrance are free to the park. The park is open from dusk to dawn and pets are allowed on leash. Age recommendation: All. The trip was about 20 minutes from Annapolis and there are no fees to enter the park.

Address: 191 Log Canoe Circle, Stevensville, MD 21666