Let's Party in Mallorca!!!

Every year my German neighbors pack up their kids for their annual trip to Mallorca, or what some may refer to as "Germany's 17th state".   As an American living in Germany, I wondered why out of all the places in Europe, do they continue to visit the same place, year after year, when Europe has SO much to offer.  

First, Mallorca is beautiful.  It has wonderful weather, delicious food, fun attractions and beautiful beaches.  If you are German, you will especially love it because you can find all the comforts of home and it's easily accessible by plane.  There is also the essential bratwurst and beer on every corner and everyone speaks Deutsch!  

In Germany, Mallorca has the nickname "Putzfraueninsel", or "Cleaning Lady Island".  The reason it is so affectionately called this is because Mallorca began as an affordable destination for the more common German.  You didn't need to be rich to visit this paradise, and you could, in fact, be a cleaning lady and still fly there for vacation.  This accessibility created loyalty, and many return year after year for their annual vacations to the island.

Many of us military families seek new things during our vacations in Europe.  We want to experience something unique and new to us, that maybe we wouldn't necessarily be exposed to at home.  We visit windmills in the Netherlands, the Alps in Switzerland, or take a gondola ride in Venice.  Germans who go to Mallorca are not looking for that experience.  They are looking to relax, get drunk, and hang out in the sun.  As many of us know, sunny beach weather isn't that common in Germany.  Germans are able to be in paradise but also enjoy the comfort of German restaurants, TV channels, and services in Deutsch.  They can leave their country, while still not experiencing the inconvenience of another culture and language.

Mallorca is a definite German obsession. If you haven't checked out one of the more popular songs about Mallorca, I've attached the link.  My 5 and 6 year old came home singing it one day, so I looked it up and the chorus has some bad language and it's really overall innappropriate for elementary kids.  When I asked my neighbor about it, she said, "It just means f*ck your job, F*ck your life and go to Mallorca".  You can also get a nice idea of what Mallorca is all about from the music video.  Enjoy!  Book early before the Germans take all the accommodations!