FREIDBADZEIT! Outdoor Pool Time in Germany!

Summer in Germany hits FAST, but it doesn't last long!  Escape the heat of your house and head to an awesome Freibad (outdoor pool).  Whether you are looking for exciting slides, relaxing pools, or somewhere super fun for your smallest kiddos, the Kaiserslautern area has an outoor pool for you!  

Freibad Waschmühle

The season will officially open on Thursday, May 31st at 0800 at the Freibad Waschmühle.  THe pools regular hours are Mon/Wed-Sunday 0800-2000 and Tuesday 1200-2000.  Cost is 2 Euro per adult and 1 Euro per child.  From Military Mom's Guide to Kaiserslautern, "Visit what is known to be the largest single pool in Europe!  This pool opened in 1908 and measures 180 yards in length by 49 yards in width."  This pool is nestled in a valley which normally keeps the water around 67 degrees F and rises to about 70 degrees F on a hot day.  There are diving platforms, slides, children's playground and plenty of lawn space.  Waschmühle 1, 67659 Kaiserslautern, Germany



Waldfriebad Rodenbach

This pool is open daily from 1000-2000 and is really affordable at 3 Euros per adult and 1,50 per child.  Tucked away in Rodenbach is this fantastic neighborhood pool.  It's nestled in among the trees and offers a sport pool with 6 lanes, non swimmer pool (77 degrees F) with large slide, diving platforms, and more.  The toddler pool is AWESOME!  It's got a sun shade, mini slide, and some fun water features.  Sportstr 6, 67688 Rodenbach


Warmfreibad Kaiserslautern

Enjoy a swim in the largest public pool in Ktown.  This pool has multiple pools including a sport pool, non swimmer pool for rest and relaxation, 10-meter jumping tower, and a lovely toddler pool.  Lots of green space for lounging and relaxing!  Am Warmfreibad 1, 67657 Kaiserslautern.  Opening hours Tu, Thur-Sunday 0800-2000 and Wed 0700-2000.  4,00 Euro per adult and 2,25 for kids, under 6 free.


Naturfreibad Otterberg

Pool opens on June 1st! This natural pool is fed with pure spring water and is 97 meters long by 50 meters.  There is a non swimmer pool with a float area, jumping tower, and play equipment.  In the ample lawn space, there is a children's playground.  Am Schwimmbad 1, 67687 Otterberg.  Open daily from 0900-2000.  Adult is 2,00 Euros and Kids 1,00 Euro.


Naturerlebnisbad Landstuhl

This outdoor pool comes with a twist.  Instead of ensuring water quality through a chemical process, this pool uses regeneration ponds.  The water content is drained within 24 hours through all the ponds, including the swimming area.  This gentle process ensures safe water quality for swimming.  The pool has a rafting track, jump rock, volleyball court and playground.  Kaiserstr 126, 66849 Landstuhl.  Open daily 1000-2000.  Adult 3,00 Euro and kids 1,50 Euro.  


Warmfreibad Trippstadt

This outdoor heated pool has plenty of room to swim, float, splash and have a great time.  It's got a huge exciting slide and multiple diving platforms.  There is also a wonderful separate toddler pool and playground for the smaller visitors.  Am Schwimmbad, 67705 Trippstadt  Open Sat/Sun 0800-2000; Tue-Fr 0900-2000; Mon 1100-2000.  Adults 4,50 Euros, kids 2,50. Kids under 3 are free.


Freizeit Azur

This pool is awesome with both indoor and outdoor facilities.  It's got a great multipurpose pool outside with an aquatic fountain, diving boards and huge water slide.  Inside is a fun water slide, toddler pool and non-swimmer pool.  This has been voted as a favorite among Americans for many years.  Schernauer Str 50, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach.  Open Tu-Sat 1000-2100, Mon 1300-2100 and Sundays 0900-2100.  Ticket prices range from 4,50-11,00.  Kids under 4 swim for free.

Freibad (4).jpg

There are many more outdoor pool options for the Kaiserslautern area!  Check out our book for a full listing, complete with hours, cost, facility information and more!  Happy Swimming!!!

More information on year-round fun in the Kaiserslautern area in The Military Mom's Guide to Kaiserslautern.  Available on Amazon and

More information on year-round fun in the Kaiserslautern area in The Military Mom's Guide to Kaiserslautern.  Available on Amazon and