Erdbeeren Selbstpflück! Self-Pick Strawberry Fields in Germany!


All across Germany it's finally strawberry time!  You will see the cute strawberry stands along roads and in fields.  There will be vendors selling strawberries and fields where you can go and pick your own.  Prices are great and the experience is fun for all.  


How Selbstpflück or self-pick works

Bring your own container or you can use those provided on site.  If you bring your own container, have the kiosk weigh it before you begin picking.  Once you have picked your fill, bring your berries to the stand where they will weigh it and charge you.  Be sure to bring cash as electronic forms of payment are rarely accepted.  

The fields will typically be well laid out and plentiful during this time of year.  Sampling is okay, so be sure to try out a few.  When my kids were younger, we would plop them down in a row while we picked berries and let them sample a few, which were typically as big as their hands.  My daughter makes sure we bring a can of whip cream so she can have a bit of dessert as she picks.

DSC_0220 (42).jpg

Where can I go?

Erdbeerlandfunck is the company that owns many of the self pick fields in our area.  Check out their website for more information and recipes.

Selbstpflückfeld Kaiserslautern 67657KaiserslauternWartenberger Weg open daily 8-18

 Selbstpflückfeld Rodenbach 67688Rodenbach Bergstraße, open daily 8-18

Selbstpflückfeld Mehlingen 67678 Mehlingen B40

 Selbstpflückfeld Landstuhl 66849 Landstuhl Saarbrückerstr.

Selbstpflückfeld Mittelbrunn 66851 Mittelbrunn L469