ADAC - Yes, you really want this!

What is ADAC?


ADAC stands for Allgemeine Deutsche Automobilclub, or General German Automobile Club.  It is the largest association in Germany with more than 20 million members and one of the largest member organization in the world!  It was founded in 1903 and allows its members to be "safely on the move" anytime, anywhere.  They provide a range of services such as roadside assistance, consumer protection, motorsport, tourism, law office (member advice), and a club magazine titled, "ADAC Motorwelt".


Why Do I Need This?

Imagine your car breaks down while out touring about.  You will need to contact a tow company, figure out how to get a ride back to your home, and covering the cost.  If you have ADAC, you can simply call them and they will handle this entire situation.  Or imagine you get a flat tire and you haven't every changed a tire.  ADAC will come out and do it for you so you can be on your way.  Imagine you are in a foreign country and lose your medication.  ADAC can help you with that also.  Even if you are traveling outside of Germany, you can call ADAC for assistance should your vehicle break down, get a flat tire, or even stolen.  This is a wonderful way to have piece of mind during your time in Europe.  

Membership Options and Cost

I don't work for ADAC, and all of this information can be found on their website along with tons of other options.  We purchased the yearly, world wide coverage plan.  Our family has two adults and two kids under the age of 18.  This yearly membership costs us 109 Euros a year.  We all have a membership card which means that we are all entitled to the benefits regardless of the car, country, or driver.  My daughter, whom is 7, is covered should she be driving with another family whose vehicle breaks down and doesn't have ADAC.  You can also purchase the same membership, covering you only in Germany, for less cost.  There are plans for every family size, including a single person.


ADAC membership (protection in Germany): daily journeys in Germany in the area of car, leisure and mobility

ADAC Plus membership (protection worldwide). Assistance in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Other Services by ADAC

  • Current news about travel and mobility: motorway blockades, border waiting times, new entry regulations, toll changes and much more. We'll keep you up to date.
  • Plan your next trip with ADAC Maps. The route planner provides information about traffic jams, tolls and sights.
  • Tolls and Vignettes Extensive information on tolled motorways, highways, bridges or tunnels, as well as on city tolls and environmental zones in Europe.

How to Sign Up

ADAC Reisebüro
KaiserslauternEisenbahnstraße 15
67655 KaiserslauternTel.: 0631/34069720   
Fax: 0631/34069751                                                                                                          Mo. - Fr. 9.00 - 18.00 Uhr
Sa. 10.00 - 13.00 Uhr

There is also sometimes a representative in the KMCC or by the Saturn in Kaiserslautern.

Here are just a few of the awesome services that ADAC provides with your Plus Membership:

Tow Away: Towing the vehicle from the point of damage to the nearest suitable workshop . Takeover of towing costs up to 300 euros

Prescription Drugs/Glasses: Obtaining medicines or spare glasses not available abroad. Fastest, freight-free delivery to the nearest customs station or airport

Interpreting service abroad: dire straits abroad and have language difficulties with authorities or with the doctors on the ground.  Translation assistance by the staff of the emergency stations abroad.  multilingual ADAC doctors. Arranging and reimbursing the costs of an officially recognized interpreter up to  
160 euros 

Travel costs after vehicle breakdown: Your car has been down in Europe due to a breakdown - at least 50 km from your place of residence - or from an accident and can not be made ready to drive the next day. You will also receive the service if your vehicle was stolen. rental-free ADAC ClubMobil (ADAC own rental car) for max. 7 days in Germany or Brokerage of a rental car for up to 7 days à 52 EUR or Takeover of rental car costs in other European countries for the direct journey home to residence up to 500 EUR or Transfer of rail travel costs 1st class or of airfare (Economyclass, from a distance of 1,200 km from the residence) to the place of residence. Costs for short trips by public transport and taxi up to 50 EUR