Marder Season is Upon Us!

Don’t be fooled by this creatures cute, fuzzy appearance. It’s actually a vicious animal that will enjoy chewing holes in your cars inner bits and pieces. It feeds on hot rubber and plastic, and finds a nice warm engine on a winter day quite enticing. I became familiar with this rodent after bringing my car in for an inspection one year. They found various footprints throughout the engine, but thankfully, nothing chewed on. Our mechanic advised us that we had one or possibly a number of marders that might be making themselves comfortable in our car engine. He let me know that if we keep our car parked outside, we should certainly take measures to prevent damage these critters can inflict.

Someone was having a snack in the car engine!

Someone was having a snack in the car engine!

They are not only active in winter, and can be found growling and fighting during warmer nights. Once they pick a home, they will defend it fiercely. If a marder finds that another marder has been slinking around his territory (your car), they get pretty mad and will rip anything to shreds, including your plastic car bits, to prove a point.

There are lots of old wives tips and tricks to ward off these pesky critters. While not always a solid, permanent solution, they certainly can help if you are in a pinch. Marder are sensitive to smells and hate the odor of the blue toilet inserts. You can hang one of them under the hood of your car. Give your dog a haircut and put them in a sock or glove under the hood. Apparently, this smell also wards them off. also offers several options, using either scent or frequency to keep the rodents at bay. Here are a few of the more population solutions. Our mechanic suggested a spray that would be applied all over the engine, but said it leaves a greasy mess and smells pretty bad. Here are some top picks from Amazon.

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  • Martenex 100% Mader Defense Spray Against Martens – 100ml for Loft or Car – Organic Home Remedy

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