Finally the naked, dying Christmas tree has purpose!


There is an event in a town not far from RAB that has an original tradition called Knutfest.  Join the FC Wacker fussball team in Weidenthal on Sunday, January 7th at 13:30 to experience a competition involving throwing old Christmas trees as far and as high as you can!  This is the 12th year they have held this competition and it's been a great success.  Not only will the kids enjoy seeing these soccer players throw trees, but afterward, the trees get a proper Swedish sendoff by being thrown into a bonfire!  No German festival would be complete without the fireworks, mulled wine, and music.  Join this friendly village for their original tradition and help these dying, empty and naked Christmas trees find their worth.

Fussballplatz Weidenthal Sunday, January 7th at 13:30

 Langentalstrasse Weithenthal, 67475