Weihnachts Circus in Ktown!

Head over to the Kaiserslautern Weihnachts Circus with the kids for an exciting experience.  The kids will love seeing the dangerous balancing act and acrobats flying through the air!  There will be performers attempting daring jumps and graceful moves upon a silver high wire and some very funny Russian clowns.  For those enchanted with the animals will love the camel caravan, a special performance by 4 very talented ponies, and the magic of the horse whisperer.  A captivating performance by the mermaid Cecile will amaze you with her incredible concentration and flexibility.

You can purchase tickets at the shows, in the Kasse trailer.  There will be a show on the 5th at 14:00; the 6th at 16:00 and 19:30, and on the 7th at 15:00.  Ticket prices vary from 14 to 17 Euro, depending on the seating selected.