Carnival for Kids, DINOS, and a movie in your bathing suit!


Kids Carnival Parties

Bring your kids out to one of the many kids carnival celebrations this Sunday.  They all start at 2:11  and will have games, music, sweets and entertainment.  Get your kids in their favorite costume and head out for some Carnival fun!

 Hütschenhausen Feb 4th @ 2:11

Hauptstrasse 74 a, Hütschenhausen, 66882

Miesau at Turn- und Festhalle Miesau Feb 4th @ 2:11

Jahnstrasse 2,  Miesau 66892

Landstuhl at Stadthalle Landstuhl Feb 4th @ 2:11

Kaiserstrasse 39, Landstuhl, 66849 Germany


Movie Night at the Pool

Kids will love doing something out of the ordinary!  How about watching a movie, while hanging out in the pool?  Come out to the Ramstein Aquatic Center on Friday, February 2nd, and watch a movie in your bathing suit. Be there at 1730 for a fun evening for all.


Gondwana Prehistorium

1st Friday of the month, February 2nd,  U.S. - Military Personnel Families (ID - Card holders) receive a *20% discount on the family - ticket.  Be sure to bring your ID!  This museum is really cool, but some of the exhibits may be a bit scary for little ones.  My 5 and 7 year old were a little freaked out by the animatronic dinos, especially the T-Rex chewing on a Triceritops.  There is also a Megaladon exhibit that can really be a bit much as the shark crashes into the screen, eventually breaks the glass, and you get sprayed with a bit of water.  There may have been wide eyes after that one...and possibly a tear or two.  However, they said they would love to visit this museum again.  I suggest at least 6 for the museum, but all ages will have a great time in the Dinowelt indoor playground.  You can purchase tickets just for the indoor playground, where the kids can enjoy climbing and playing and adults can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea.