Kid friendly options for this winter weekend!



Head to Freinsheim for their annual Rotweinwanderweg.  The Rotweinwanderweg (“Red Wine Trail”) is held annually on the 4th weekend of January. It opens on the Friday, January 26th with a torchlight hike.  You can purchase the torches (Schwedenfeuer) at the city hall beginning at 5:15 p.m.    If you have smaller children, the wine hike is open earlier on Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 11:30 a.m.  The kids will enjoy running along the path and getting some fresh air while the parents enjoy sampling the local reds.  The route is about 4.3 miles long and there are 15 points to stop along the way where vendors will be offering wines and dishes to go along with them.  The booths will close at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  Hauptstrasse 2, Freinsheim 67251.


Tierpark Birkenheide

After the wine hike there is a nice animal park about 11 minutes away.  Tierpark Birkenheide has goats, rabbits, ducks and peacocks among the inhabitants.  There is also a small playground for the kids to play and burn some energy.  The admission to the park is free and animal food can be purchased for 1,00 Euro.  1 Kranichweg, 67134 Birkenheide



A trip back in time to ancient Egypt

© rem, Foto: Carolin Breckle  

© rem, Foto: Carolin Breckle

Have you been to the Mannheim Museum?  There are actually multiple museums, each with a different exhibition within this complex.  The current exhibition in the Weltkulturen (World Culture) Museum is “Egypt: Land of Immortality”.  This exhibit, which features artifacts up to 6,000 years old, is great for kids and shows the fascinating world of civilization on the Nile.  You will learn about everyday life in the land of Pharaohs and their civil servants, the world of the Gods and the elaborate cult of the dead.   The kids will really appreciate the hands-on exhibits where they can dress of like a Pharaoh and see if they are brave enough to look inside a mummy coffin.  A really great museum, especially enjoyable on a cold winter day.  Opening hours are Tues - Sun from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (closed Mondays).  D5 Museum Weltkulturen, 68159 Mannheim.  

© rem, Foto: Carolin Breckle  

© rem, Foto: Carolin Breckle

A Magical Evening of Lights

The treetops will shine and the grounds will sparkle with thousands of small light crystals.    Luisenpark has transformed this beautiful park into a winter light wonderland that will delight both young and old.  

The kids will really enjoy taking the light route through the park and viewing all the surprises this park has in store.  Halfway through, the park has food and beverage offerings, which will be especially appreciated by hungry visitors.  Adults: 8,00 €, Children: 4,00 €. Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 2, 68165 Mannheim.  Open Sat, 20.01.2018, 6pm - Sun., 25.02.2018
Daily:  Sun. - Thurs. 18 - 21 o'clock (Please note: Closing time is at 20 o'clock)
Fr. & Sa. 18 - 22 o'clock  (Please note: The closing time is at 21 o'clock)