Stadium Tour!

See the stadium like a player!


Fritz Walter Stadium is situated in our own Kaiserslautern and is home to the notable F. C. Kaiserslautern.  Fußball matches are a time of high energy, spirit, and are an overall exciting experience.  Watching a match is an experience that shouldn't be missed. 

On January 6th, the city of Kaiserslautern will be offering a tour of this impressive stadium.  Fritz Walter Stadium, which was built in 1920 and has a capacity for 49,780 fans, is an integral part of the Kaiserslautern culture.   You will get the opportunity to run through the players tunnel, sit on the trainers’ bench, explore the VIP areas and more!  Entrance Fee 5.00 EUR/3.00 EUR

January 6th 12:00-13:30, Register 0631 365-2316 or by e-mail to